May 16, 2011

"Boa constrictor" "Serpent" snake horn

Yesterday I went to a rock and roll 50's swapmeet.. You never know if you will find some cool car parts. Guess what.. Serpent snake horn. I immediately knew what it was. Check the eBay link..

Some other horns


  1. Jeroen SurfstadMay 17, 2011

    humm when you sell this on ebay you have enough money to finish youre car and buy a new project??

  2. They are certainly delightful but I would be very wary. There are lots of fakes being produced - in India I believe. I'm lucky enough to have found an old unrestored 1905 brass model with the flexible incised body but I must say that I'm wasn't aware that they ever made a solid metal version. Mine isn't the 'snake head' model but a 'horn bell' version they also offered at the same time . It does however have the crucial 'Boa Constrictor' British manufacturers patent mark.


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