August 1, 2010

The Generallee frame

The first time I went to Paulsboutique maybe already 14 years ago? (Paul correct me if I'm wrong) There it was my dream frame The Generallee. Back then it was way to expensive for me. That partical frame is sold to Jurrien who still owns the frame. Than a few years later there was a new Generallee frame in the shop. I disited to start saving some money for it but I was to late, one of my " mate's" bought the frame. He completely trashed the frame and stopt riding bmx. So I ask if I could buy the frame and he was ok with it. The frame was not rideble anymore the wishbone was bended and had big dents in it.

So the frame was hanging on my wall for some years. And you know sometimes when your drinking coffee in your workshop it makes you come up with some crazy ideas. I don't think I will have to tell the rest of the story by adding some photos to it.

Ow BTW the frame is still exact 21" with a headtube angle of 75 degrees.


  1. Supervette bak, Michael! Ik krijg zin om m'n eerste barcode (uit 2000) ook weer te gaan gebruiken... brakemounts naar de seatstay... mid bottombracket erin.... hmmmm....

  2. FrankenLee Haha vette bak M. Ik weet niet wanneer ik de mijne weer ga op bouwen, maar krijg er zo wel weer zin in. Fieze Jur


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