January 17, 2009

Dusseldorf university

From what I've have heard this spot is not rideable anymore.. Photo is taken by Colin in 2006. One of the best roadtrips I've ever did, to get an impression check the roadtrip video made by manual buddy Vladdie

nbr roadtrip 2006 from vladdie on Vimeo.


  1. Adriaaaantje!!!

    10 points for the rol back. Nice slammer!

    You made up for it on the rythm jumps. Rippin'!

    Neat editing also. Good times!

  2. aight, goeie post ouwe! die roadtrip was ook gewoon het beste, beste crew ooit...

    P.s We houden ons potje bike wel gezellig hé. Om een beetje in de sfeer van de roadtrip te blijven, haha.

    Vladdie NBR


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